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Unlock your potential this winter semester with our special student offer

Fort Collins, CO

Best Gym in Fort Collins for Results Oriented Workouts

Enjoy the low rate of $39.99/month, usually tied to a one-year contract, for the entire Winter Semester. No fees for cancellation after May or keep the rate on a month-to-month basis for as long as you like. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer!. Start your fitness journey with Prodigy Gym today!

Prodigy Fitness is truly a one-of-a-kind homegrown gym that offers a fitness experience like no other. From the moment you step through the door, you can feel the dedication to helping you grow, not just physically, but in your fitness journey ...
Adel Nuseibeh
I've been going to Prodigy for nearly 3 years now and it is by far the best gym in the Fort Collins area! I've tried most of the gyms in town and it isn't even a competition. Chris is a great guy and all of the members ...
Jack Larson
I've never been to a gym with better equipment than Prodigy. The atmosphere is great for serious lifters and anyone who wants to be motivated by seeing the passion of the other members. If you're passionate about weightlifting ...
Oliver Hannon
A real gym for those who are serious about their workouts and fitness. Cool vibe, no attitude. Members are respectful and rack their weights when finished. Locally owned and operated. Amazing amount of equipment.
Christopher Garrett
Local Guide, 181 Reviews

Get fit without breaking the bank.

Join Prodigy Gym today to take advantage of our Winter Semester special and get access to the best gym in Fort Collins for results-oriented workouts at a low rate of $39.99/month. With no long-term commitment, you can cancel after the semester or keep the rate on a month-to-month basis. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to start your fitness journey at an affordable price.

Get fit without the commitment.

Committing to a long-term gym membership can be daunting. With our Winter Semester special, you can enjoy quality workouts for strength and muscle building without the long-term commitment. Take advantage of the low rate and only pay until the end of the semester. After May, you’re free to cancel with no fee or continue at the same low rate on a month-to-month basis. Stay fit without the commitment.


Nothing but POSITIVE things to say about my time thus far at Prodigy!!! I’ve been a member two years now. – Harold S.

Don’t settle for a mediocre gym experience. At Prodigy Gym, we prioritize creating a culture and environment that fosters quality workouts. Our top-of-the-line equipment, dedicated staff, and supportive clientele will ensure that you have everything you need to achieve your fitness goals. Join us today and experience the ultimate workout environment.

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+ Machines

+ Personal Trainers

Square Feet

Affordable Memberships

Flexible and affordable memberships for every budget and fitness objective. Monthly and annual rates. Student and couple discounts.

Workout Supplements

Visit our supplements store located right inside the gym. We keep dozens of top-brand workout supplements in stock. Get advice from workout supplement experts.

Personal Training

We have a team of experienced and passionate personal trainers on staff to help you achieve your health, fitness and lifestyle goals.

Bodybuilding & Power Lifting

Over 100 of the industries very best plate loaded machines to isolate and target the muscle safely and properly.

Benefits Beyond Machines

We are much more than machines. All members receive free health assessments, body fat testing, diet consulting, and fitness coaching from Chris.  

Body Transformation

Fully managed body transformation programs.  All you have to do is walk through the doors, be ready to put in the work, and watch your life change.

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Is This a Muscle Gym?

Prodigy Gym & Fitness is an old-school, no-frills workout gym where we emphasize getting results.  One reason people love this gym is because it has the largest selection of weight machines in Fort Collins, which does facilitate building strength and muscle mass. However, we are much more than the muscle gym stereotype. People join our gym because they have a goal in mind and they are willing to put in the work to achieve that goal. 

Do You Have Locker Rooms and Showers?

Yes, we have male and female full-service locker rooms with showers and day-use lockers.

Do You Have Daycare, Pool, Sauna?

No, we are more of a no-frills gym where people come to get a great workout that does not cost a large amount of money every month.

Do I Have to Sign a Contract? What's Your Cancellation Policy?

We have multiple prepaid memberships that do not require a contract. However, we do offer a discounted rated and waiver of setup fees when you do sign up for a one year contract.

Visit our Memberships page to see our rates and learn more about the benefits of membership.

Do You Provide Free Training On How to Use the Machines?

Yes, we alway provide free training and coaching on how to use our workout equipment. 

How Experienced Are the Trainers?

All of our trainers have a minimum of 10+ years personal training and body transformation experience with a combined total of over 70 years of total experience. Each trainer specializes in different areas so you get to pick the trainer that is best suited for you.

What is the Age Range of the Weightlifting Area?

We have a very diverse crowd anywhere from 14 years of age to 85.  We usually have a pretty even mix of male and female people in the weight room.

Does Your Gym Take Silver Sneakers?

Sorry, we are not participating in Sliver Sneakers at this time.  However, we are known for our ability to work with people over 65 who want to improve their physical fitness levels.  We can work with any age group.

Do You Play Loud Music? What Style?

Yes we do play fairly loud music in the gym.  The style varies but is always motivational. We love when members make requests.

Do You Do a Credit Check for Gym Membership?

No, we never open any sort of credit check on members.

What Are Your Busy Hours?

Our busy times are very normal for the industry between 4:30pm-6pm. However, our gym has about 1/10 of the members that your big box gyms have as well as about 3-times the equipment.  So our crowded is NOTHING like you see at other “fitness clubs”.

What Is the Difference Between Weight Machines and Free Weights?

The workout machines in our gym were hand picked by the owner, a former Mr Colorado and top-ranked national bodybuilder.  Each machine provides a specific exercise to isolate a specific muscle group with perfect range of motion. Our machines are perfect for people brand new to weight training, older people trying to preserve their joints, or people who want to lift heavy safely.

The difference between machines and free weights is that free weight lifting is much more difficult on the joints and the form is not preset by the machine, creating a situation where if the lifter does not know what they are doing they can be put in a higher-risk situation for incurring an injury.

Do You Offer Cross-Fit Style Group Training?


Do You Offer HIIT Training?


Do You Have Spinning Machines?


Prodigy Gym Fort Collins, CO

1739 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80525

(970) 224-4500