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Group Workout Classes

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Small Group Workout Classes

Because not everyone can afford personal training or would prefer a group workout classes setting and to be a part of our community we offer Group Workout Classes! Our groups are small and very focused helping each group member maximize their fitness potential! The next best thing to personal training at a very affordable rate of just $30 hourly! 

Full-Body Workout Classes

At Prodigy Gym & Fitness in Fort Collins, we know that some people love workout classes that provide a supportive and competitive atmosphere. For these people, we offer small group workout classes.

The workout classes are between 4-8 people and are based on full-body workouts that integrate various muscle groups.  We provide 30-min and 1-hour sessions.

Each small group workout class is lead by one of our certified personal trainers.  The group workout classes are a great way to get personal trainer coaching at a significantly lower cost than one-on-one personal training.

When you participate in small group workouts, you and your partners will be accountable to each other, pushing your limits together as a team. We believe that group sessions should occur two to three times per week for maximum effectiveness.

This down to earth, nitty-gritty gym, is the best gym in town if results are your main objective! The knowledge and equipment at your disposal here is par none. With everyday people to world-renowned lifters, this gym has a culture and openness that will help anyone reach whatever fitness goal they have and truly thrive.

Everyone who comes through the doors from beginner to advanced is here to do work and get results - be it the beginner or advanced powerlifter.

Prodigy Gym and Fitness is a locally owned by Fort Collins native and champion athlete Chris Havekost.  Chris and his expert staff of certified personal trainers focus on helping people transform their bodies and in turn their lives.

The gym offers the very best fitness equipment in the industry, a motivating environment and music, free individual coaching, and free fitness evaluations for every member.

If you are brand new to working out and want to learn proper form and technique, need to work around injuries, are in the 40+ age category and needing to protect the joints, or are advanced and want to train on the very best equipment around….Look no further. Prodigy Gym and fitness has over 75 of the industries very best plate loaded machines to isolate and target the muscle safely and properly (see our equipment)!

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