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Our Name is Our Philosophy

Prodigy is one of those wonderful words whose different meanings tell a story. One of the origins is from the Latin prodigium, meaning “a sign of something to come.”

We believe people come to our gym as a step towards important things to come. A sign of something positive about to happen. Change their lifestyle. Improve health. Lose weight. Change their appearance. Achieve a goal.

About the Owner, Chris Havekost

Chris has a deep level of caring for all of his member’s fitness goals especially those that he personally trains. Chris began his journey helping people with their fitness over 25 years ago. He has endless experience helping people with a broad range of fitness goals from gaining strength and muscle, losing body fat, injury rehabilitation, bodybuilding, but his passion is helping people with BODY TRANSFORMATION!  If you want to transform your body by losing 25, 50, or even over 100lbs Chris can show you the way!

Free Fitness Evaluations

We conduct a free fitness evaluation for each new member. During the fitness evaluation we determine body fat, take measurements, analyze nutrition/diet, so that we can make solid suggestions on the right starting point for each member be it beginner/intermediate/ or advanced.

Gym Amenities

One of the lowest gym membership fees in Fort Collins, if not the lowest. Huge 8,000 square foot workout area. Over 100 machines. Lots of variety.  At least 10 machines per muscle group so never wait in line to work out a muscle group.  Best leg room in the country. Great music. We have a health-focused culture where everyone is here to work out.

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