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Bodybuilding & Powerlifting

Prodigy Gym in Fort Collins, CO is an old school, friendly, neighborhood bodybuilding gym and fitness center. If you’re looking for a no-hype workout oriented gym to get into the best shape of your life, come give us a try.

We offer one-on-one bodybuilding coaching in everything from effective physique competition to weight loss to powerlifting. Whether you want to tone up or training for a specific competition or personal goal, Prodigy Gym & Fitness has the bodybuilding equipment, coaching and culture you need to hit your goals.

Best Bodybuilding Gym & Coaching in Foco

If you are searching for the best bodybuilding gym and bodybuilding coaching in Fort Collins then you are in the right place. Our talented bodybuilding personal training team is led by Chris Havekost who is a former Mr Colorado and national bodybuilding champion that has placed in the top-3 at the USA bodybuilding competitions.

The best way to get to know our gym is to schedule a free tour with Chris. From the moment you walk into the gym you’ll know that you’re in a simple gym that values determination, hard work, camaraderie and heart. While there you can meet the personal trainers, each of which has extensive training and experience in body building, body transformation and other fitness specialties (including training for over 40).

Powerlifting Gym & Coaching

Looking for a powerlifting gym? Prodigy is the gym of choice for some of Fort Collins finest powerlifting coaches and trainers. We know the local powerlifting coaches and certified personal trainers who can help you no matter what your goals are.

We have the largest quantity of diverse and sophisticated bodybuilding equipment and machines that is unmatched by any gym in Fort Collins. The gym’s owner Chris Havekost has personally selected a collection of specialty equipment designed to hit any muscle group you can imagine. A great workout is not just promised, it is guaranteed!

Achieve Your Goals

We are a down-to-earth, nitty-gritty bodybuilding gym that is the best gym in town if results are your main objective! The knowledge and equipment at your disposal here is par none. With everyday people to world-renowned lifters, this gym has a culture and openness that will help anyone reach whatever fitness goal they have and truly thrive.

Everyone is Welcome

Prodigy Gym is the home of the most experienced, most passionate strength and conditioning coaches and hard-working gym members in the Fort Collins area. Educators, engineers, bartenders, attorneys, college students, construction workers or servers – all ages from teens thru 80’s – come here to work out. If you are serious about strength training and want to train hard, this gym is your home!

Owned and Managed by a Bodybuilding Legend

Prodigy Gym and Fitness is locally owned by Fort Collins native and champion bodybuilding athlete Chris Havekost.  Chris is a former Mr. Colorado, stood on the podium in national bodybuilding championships, and has been featured in numerous major muscle and fitness publications and websites, including:

Chris and his expert staff of certified personal trainers focus on helping people transform their bodies and in turn their lives.

Best Workout Equipment in Fort Collins – Hands Down!

The gym offers the very best bodybuilding and powerlifting equipment in the industry, a motivating environment and music, free individual coaching, and free fitness evaluations for every member.

Our gym is stocked with over 100 fitness machines which is why many locals consider us the best weightlifting gym in Fort Collins. We have 10-15 machines for every muscle group in the human body.

  • Cardio Machines
  • Strength Machines
  • Free Weights & Kettlebells
  • Balls, Bands, Jump Ropes, Community Belts
  • Olympic-Style Weight Platforms
  • Functional Training Areas
  • Stretching Areas & Equipment
  • Workout Workshops
  • Best leg room in the country

Visit our Equipment Page to view a list of our equipment, sorted by muscle group.

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Prodigy Gym & Fitness is dedicated to helping you experience change. You owe it to yourself to schedule one of our free offers so that you can learn about the gym and experience our culture which is unique among the many Fort Collins gym & fitness centers.

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