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Best Weightlifting Gym in Fort Collins

Looking for the best weightlifting gym in Fort Collins, CO? You’ve found it! Scroll down to view a list of the over 100 fitness machines in our gym.

Even if you put all the other “fitness clubs” in Ft. Collins together you still would not have anywhere near the weightlifting equipment that Prodigy Gym and Fitness has with over 70 plate loaded machines.

Aside from having 10-15 machines all different for EVERY body part, Prodigy has a very unique blend of cardiovascular equipment. Woodway’s curve treadmill, Stairmasters, elliptical’s, bikes, treadmills, and the very unique Jacobs ladder and The Real runner!

Every one at Prodigy Gym, be it beginner all the way up to advanced, IS THERE TO WORKOUT and get results. The owner as well as the staff are all very friendly and always willing to help you! Aside from all of that Prodigy Gym is the only fitness center in Fort Collins where you will meet the owner who will help you set up a weightlifting training program .

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Leg Equipment

We have one of the best leg rooms in the country – yes, the USA!

  • Vsquat (Hammer Strength)
  • Iso Lateral Leg Press (Hammer Strength)
  • Seated Leg Curl (Hammer Strength)
  • Standing Leg Curl (Hammer Strength)
  • Tibialis (Hammer Strength)
  • Horizontal Calf Press (Hammer Strength)
  • Leg Press (MedX Avenger)
  • Swivel Leg Press (Hammer Strength)
  • Hamtractor-Seated Leg Curl (Flex)
  • Leverage Squat (Dynabody)
  • Pendulum Squat (Trusquat)
  • Leg Extension (Strive)
  • Lying Leg Curl (Star Trac)
  • Iso-Lateral Leg Press (Rae Crowther)
  • Vertical Leg Press (Rae Crowther)
  • Sissy Squat (Proxima)
  • Hack Squat Fully Adjustable (Nebula)
  • Donkey Calf Raise (Icarian)
  • Seated Calf Raise (Maxicam)
  • Abductor/Adductor (Nautilus)
  • Sled Push/Pull (Rogue)

Arms, Free Weights & Misc. Equipment

  • Bicep Curl (Hammer Strength)
  • Bicep Curl (Magnum)
  • Bicep Curl (Nautilus)
  • Endless Attachments!!!!
  • Large Variety of Free Weights
  • Extensive Miscellaneous Equipment
  • Tricep (Magnum)
  • Tricep (Nautilus)
  • 5-200lb Dumb Bells
  • 10-140 Bar Bells
  • Endless Attachments For Arms & Back Kettle Bells
  • Balls
  • Bands & Chains For Resistance/Rehab
  • Jump Ropes
  • Community Belts
  • Deadlift Stations
  • Turf For Sled Pull/Push
  • Outdoor Lunge Rack

Back Equipment

  • D.V. (Dorian Vates) Row (Hammer Strength)
  • Iso Lateral Low Row (Hammer Strength)
  • Iso Lateral Wide Pull Down (Hammer Strength)
  • Iso Lateral High Pull Down (Hammer Strength)
  • Pullover Machine (Hammer Strength)
  • Iso Lateral Row (Hammer Strength)
  • Seated/Standing Shrug (Hammer Strength)
  • Extreme Low Row (Strive) Very Rare Piece
  • Reverse Hyper Extension (Rogue)
  • Low Cable Row (Cybex)
  • Mag Grips (8 Dillerent Hand Molded Grips)
  • ENDLESS Back Attachments For Pulldowns
  • 3 Dead Lift Stations

Chest Equipment

  • 10 Degree Chest Fly (Hammer Strength)
  • Super Incline Chest Press (Hammer Strength)
  • Iso-Lateral Wide Chest Press (Hammer Strength)
  • Decline Press (Hammer Strength)
  • Iso-Lateral Chest Press (Hammer Strength)
  • Bi-Angular Chest Press (Cybex)
  • Bi-Angular Incline Press (Cybex)
  • Incline Press (Flex)
  • Decline Press (Flex)
  • Incline Press (Strive)
  • Standing Chest Press (Dynabody)
  • Pec Fly Dual Angles (Cybex)


  • Side Lateral (Hammer Strength)
  • Iso-Lateral Shoulder Press-Front Style Press (Hammer Strength)
  • Shoulder Press-Behind The Neck Style Press (Hammer Strength) Very Rare Piece
  • Rear Deltoid (Hammer Strength)
  • Bi-Angular Shoulder Press (Cybex)
  • Shoulder Press Station (Cybex)
  • MedX Avenger Side Lateral

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