No doubt about it, pre-workout supplements provide a wealth of benefits for gym-goers who want to give their workouts their all. But with all the information out there about what to take and when to take it, it can be overwhelming if you are new to the gym or just new to the supplement world. We are here to help you cut through the hype with our beginner’s guide to pre-workout supplements!

There is no better feeling than going into the gym feeling amped up and ready to crush your workout. Some days, this just doesn’t feel possible. You might be tired from a long night out or feel a little blue. In those circumstances, pre-workout supplements might be the answer to your gym fatigue.

Pre-workout supplements add an extra boost to your workout and help your body recover more quickly. If your daily gym grind feels more like an uphill climb, taking these supplements can restore you to your usual strength and glory. Here is why pre-workout supplements are a worthy investment for anyone frequenting the gym.

Workout-Boosting Ingredients

Prodigy - Pre-workout Supplements To Fuel Your WorkoutOne of the immediate benefits of pre-workout supplements is the energy boost; most of these supplements contain caffeine. Like any good pre-workout formulation, supplements with caffeine help you stay focused, alert, and energetic during your gym session.

Caffeine is not the only miracle ingredient, however. Pre-workout supplements often contain BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) that help grow your muscles and repair damage to muscle fibers. All of your lifting power can tear through your muscle tissue, and quick repair is the key to muscle growth.

Creatinine is well-known in the health and fitness industry for restoring your body’s fuel sources and giving your muscles a boost. Creatinine helps your body replenish ATP, the essential energy molecule that contracts your muscles and helps them grow, and is therefore great for building lean muscle mass.

Supplements containing beta-alanine are ideal for high-intensity exercises that require a lot of endurance. Beta-alanine has been shown to increase performance and speed up recovery time, particularly after cardio sessions. Faster recovery means more time building muscle mass and improving your cardiovascular health.

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When to Take Pre-Workout Supplements

The general guideline for pre-workout substances is to take them between 15 and 30 minutes before your workout.

The exact amount of time recommended can vary depending on your chosen supplement. Half an hour is usually enough time for your body to process the caffeine and other fast-acting ingredients to pump up your workout performance.

Some supplements release more quickly than others, so make sure to read the instructions on the bottle or consult a supplement expert to ensure you are taking them at the right time. If you take the pre-workout supplement too early, you can miss out on all of the energy-boosting benefits. Similarly, taking these supplements too late can impair the start of your workout.

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