When our clients begin their total body transformation journey, one of the questions we often hear is, what can I eat to keep me full so I can lose weight and build muscle? That is a great question! Eating the right foods for our fitness goals is like putting high-octane fuel into our cars – we will feel better and run longer when we eat right!

Chances are you understand the importance of fueling your body with the right foods to lose weight and build muscle. What you need is guidance on what foods can keep you fuller longer and provide the necessary nutrients for muscle growth.

Fortunately, there are lots of options that do just that. This month we are sharing six of our favorite foods that are great for weight loss and aid muscle building.

Whole Eggs

Eggs are an affordable and rich source of protein, making them a staple food for anyone wanting to lose weight and build muscle. They contain many essential amino acids that are necessary to support muscle growth and recovery.

Additionally, eggs are full of nutrients such as vitamins A, D, and E, which are crucial for overall health.

Contrary to previous beliefs, the cholesterol in eggs does not significantly affect blood cholesterol levels. In fact, the yolk of the egg contains essential nutrients like leucine, which stimulates muscle growth.

Start your day with a delicious omelet, or add eggs to your post-workout meal for maximum muscle-building benefits.

Fatty Fish

Fish like salmon and tuna are delicious and are full of omega-3 fatty acids, which have numerous health benefits. These fatty acids are helpful for reducing inflammation, promoting heart health, and even aiding fat loss.

Omega-3 acids are also known to increase testosterone levels, a hormone vital for muscle growth and strength. Additionally, fatty fish provides a generous amount of protein, keeping you fuller longer and making it an excellent choice for muscle building.

Include wild-caught salmon or tuna in your diet to reap the benefits of these nutrient-packed fish.

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Prodigy - foods high in omega 3s are great to help you lose weight and build muscle

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a versatile and nutritious diet staple for anyone who want to lose weight and build muscle. The high protein content helps to increase feelings of fullness and promote muscle growth.

Greek yogurt also contains beneficial bacteria that improve your gut health. When your gut is happy, weight loss is easier because you are not bloated and do not feel as sluggish.

Opt for plain, low-fat Greek yogurt to avoid added sugars. Enjoy it as a post-workout snack, or mix it with berries and flax seeds for a delicious and satisfying meal.


Another great way to lose weight and build muscle is to include nuts, particularly almonds, in your diet. Almonds are rich in monounsaturated fats, protein, fiber, and nutrients like vitamin E, zinc, and magnesium, which support muscle recovery and growth.

Despite being calorie-dense, almonds can help you feel fuller for longer due to their high protein and healthy fat content.

We recommend grabbing a handful of almonds as a snack or adding them to your meals for a nutrient boost and delicious crunch.


Quinoa (pronounced “keen-waa”), often referred to as the “king of grains,” is a complete protein source and an excellent alternative to rice or oats. Because of its high fiber content, quinoa aids in digestion and promotes feelings of fullness.

Quinoa also contains essential amino acids, making it ideal for muscle building.

Incorporate quinoa into your post-workout meal with lean meat, the fish mentioned above, and vegetables for a well-rounded and satisfying dish.

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Green Tea

The benefits of green tea go far beyond being a refreshing beverage. It is also a powerful aid to lose weight and build muscle. Because of the antioxidants and natural diuretics, drinking green tea daily can boost your metabolism, aid in fat loss, and improve blood sugar levels and circulation, promoting overall health.

Instead of coffee in the morning, try drinking tea at work or home and enjoy its benefits throughout the day.

Prodigy - supplements can help you lose weight and build muscle


While eating the right foods is absolutely essential to lose weight and build muscle, including other supplements in your diet can also be beneficial. But with the plethora of conflicting information on the web and news reports about low-quality ingredients in dietary supplements, you may feel that they are not worth the hype or the risk.

At Prodigy Gym, we understand that the learning curve for supplements can be confusing and overwhelming. But we also understand that incorporating the right, high-quality supplements can aid your fitness journey.

To that end, we proudly offer a wide range of options in our Ft. Collins supplements store from leading manufacturers with strict quality control standards. Our staff are experts in dietary, fat-burning, muscle-building, and pre- and post-workout supplements.

Stop in today for professional, personalized guidance on what nutrients you need to reach your fitness goals.

Additional Help to Lose Weight and Build Muscle

Incorporating these six foods with supplements to boost our efforts is a great start when seeking a more active and healthy lifestyle. But sometimes, trying to lose weight and build muscle on your own is hard. From a lack of motivation and follow-through to frustration over a seeming lack of results, you may need professional help to meet your goals.

At Prodigy Gym in Ft. Collins, we understand. The journey to body transformation does not happen overnight. But with guidance from our experts in a supportive and motivating environment, you can reach your goals. We believe in personalized personal training. No two bodies are the same, and you need a training regimen that is as unique as you are.

Are you ready to take the first step? Schedule your free body transformation assessment today!